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The Leading Shoe Manufacturer in Turkey.


Yener Shoes initiated its journey in the shoe manufacturing industry in 1965. Taking the reins of our family’s legacy business, we relocated to our current production complex in İzmir Işıkkent in 1992.


The Story & Idea

Our production complex covers approximately 2500 square meters, with all production stations and the showroom housed in the same building. We specialize in crafting 100% handmade premium genuine leather men’s shoes.

Currently, two generations work together, blending the perfect balance of new and classical approaches to the business. We harness the solid foundation of the older generation’s perfectionism in manufacturing, individuals who have dedicated their lives to the art of shoemaking. As the younger generation, we stay abreast of the latest trends, striving to comprehend and meet the expectations of modern consumer needs.

Our goal is to propel the company into the digital future, embracing the new world of the shoe business.

We are among the largest shoe exporters in Turkey, with over 70% of our production dedicated to export sales. We take immense pride in having customers worldwide, and the knowledge that people across the globe wear our shoes daily fuels our ambition.

Beyond being a mere supplier, we function as a production agency that comprehends your needs and those of your customers, collaborating to develop the perfect collection together.

We keep you informed at every stage of the process, from the initial prototype design and material selection to final samples. Once we have agreed on every detail, we are ready to proceed with production.

Recognizing the critical importance of timing, we work tirelessly to meet your exact needs precisely when you need them, ensuring a seamless process.

modern patterns

Style & Quality


Mission & Vision

We are aiming to protect our local values and the passionate perfectionist soul of the company and move forward to keeping up w/ the fast changing business world.

Our customers mean a lot to us. Our long relationships generally turns into a good friendships and great business partnerships. Sometimes we feel like as a family. So we really take care of our relationships and pursuing this value is our mission.